Public Health

The Public Health system acts as a counter weight to the ever-increasing cost of health care services—estimated to equal more than 17% of the gross domestic product.*

Public Health agencies safeguard community health, ensuring that drinking water is safe to drink, food is safe to eat, sewage and solid waste are properly disposed, and pests such as mosquitoes that can carry disease are controlled. Their focus on preventing disease and advancing health and wellbeing position them as natural allies to the green building and climate change sectors.

Biositu, LLC assists clients in leveraging the synergies between public health priorities, green building practices, and climate change policies through:

  • Applied research to quantify the likely health benefits associated with the green building and/or climate change strategies under review for a specific project;
  • Professional training on how to tailor a green building and/or climate change project to leverage the synergies and minimize the trade-offs for human health; and,
  • Strategic consulting services that bring a health-based approach to climate change and green building initiatives.

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