Applied Research

Leveraging environmental sustainability to enhance community health is a fast-paced, emerging field. Our systems approach to green building, climate change, and public health projects brings unique value to our clients by focusing on evidence-based, measurable outcomes. As experts in all three sectors, we identify synergies and trade-offs that are obscured by sector-specific project delivery processes.

We specialize in performing multi-disciplinary, applied research on to measure the economic, environmental, and health co-benefits and co-harms associated with green building, climate change, and public health initiatives. We help our clients craft policies and design, construction, and operations strategies that protect the value of their investments and improve community health and quality of life.

Our applied research services include:

  • Policy recommendations and talking points
  • White papers and reports
  • Guidelines
  • Best practices
  • Articles in peer-reviewed journals and trade publications

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Steven Siegel, 2009
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